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City of Angels

City of the lonely souls

My first year in LA, I couldn't go to my country for Christmas, so I want to experienced My first Holiday alone, so I drove around Hollywood and the streets were empty of cars and only few people on the street were walking but they have long sad faces ..perhaps they miss their family I thought..I saw few homeless people..I saw this guy asking for money he looks old but when you get close to him he looks like he was a very handsome men tall blue eye..Wow! what went wrong I ask myself? I continue driving and I saw a woman very skinny looks very old not bse of age but bse of pain..and she have a toto and she was dancing like a bailarina but with not expression on her face and her eyes were like two hollow tunnels.. I continue my driving and I start thinking why do they call this city the city of angels? This is the analogy I came up with it.. , all the beautiful God given talent from around the universe comes here to LA, to Hollywood.. to explore and follow their dreams; some are actors, models, dancers, producer, directors, writers, musician, singers, designers etc...These Angels around the world feel that they have a talent that the word should know and should see it. They feel different, they feel that they do not belongs in their city, town or country; their dream is coming to Hollywood because they want to show their gift to the world. They think that these is the place where they belongs, and they always felt that they not belongs nowhere. But, what happens when they arrived to the city of angels?

They are new and excited, the excitement runs through their pores and their eyes are bright like shooting stars, so they can't believed they are here in Hollywood..they want to be discovered and become the next big thing in Hollywood and they believed with all their heart they will.. and some they do; they are positive you feel their power, their enthusiasm; then they start meeting the other angels that have been living and struggling here, but these angels had become dark; the new angels do not know the game everything is new and exciting for them; They feel like they are at a movie and they are the lead actor/actress on their own movie..or if a singer that everybody they meet they are part of his/her concert or director that he/she is directing the best movie yet to come...

Then their find out that their enthusiasm and their bright aura is a magnet for the already angels, that had become dark angels, that leave in Hollywood.. they feel welcome, they smile at you...then they find out that these angels already leaving here are empty disappointed, tired , powerless, with no hope any more, negative energy they are beaten, and not hungry anymore ...a black cloud follow them. What happens? You ask yourself? What went wrong? They got lost in the process.. they do not knew the game; they got burned and all the rejections that this business bring with, they were not aware off; and killed their self esteem, their spirit, hopes and dreams..the light in their eyes are gone..they walk with a heavy weight in their back and their smile disappear from their they are using stimulants to be able to get off bed; they have become drugs addicted or they had given up and doing other types of business; some that they may not be very proud of... they have forgotten why they came here for and they cant remember either so they numb themselves..because their soul is lost the only thing you see is a shell as a body walking, an empty and sad one. Their eyes are so sad that they looks like a scare puppy dog that was left in the middle of the jungle and find out that he/she was in the lion territory.

So these lonely souls can smell new angels in town and they need new angles energy to feel their emptiness they are like a vampire thirsty for a fresh blood; fresh meat. They need their light, their aura, their hope their innocence to feed themselves to another day in the city of Angels..